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Music People moves live performances online

COVID-19 had a disastrous effect on many industries, especially those that relied on live crowds to operate.

Live music was understandably devastated by the pandemic. Venues were closed, limits were put on the number of people allowed to congregate, and buyer confidence was shaken by the fear that another outbreak would lead to cancellations.

With live performances making up the vast majority of income for many musicians, 2020 was a tough time for many Newcastle performers.

In response, Newcastle media producer Matt Field organised a series of live streaming events to help support performers and production staff – giving them paid work and exposure to a wide audience online. As well as live performances, the shows included interviews and one-off collaborations.

Executive director Matt Field said, "Music People provides a platform for all music to live and breathe in one place. Where country and indie can sit alongside electronic, rap, reggae and soul; new, old and everything in between. Music People is diverse, inclusive, raw and real. It’s a show about music people, made by music people, for music people."

The 12-part live music program was streamed by some of Newcastle's biggest names, including City of Newcastle, Civic Theatre, the Newcastle Herald and more. In total, the episodes were watched more than 66,000 times.

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