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Why Choose Newcastle

Newcastle is a city in transition. Its industrial roots have been firmly set and it's now in the process of reimagining itself for a brighter future. A future that'll be shaped by its forward-thinking residents.

Innovative minds, research and business are creating a city of opportunity. With innovation incubators, creative co-working spaces and some of Australia's most unique events, Newcastle is supporting those who think outside the box like nowhere else.

Want to take the next step in your entrepreneurial journey? Where better than the city that sprouted Camplify, Liftango, Coassemble, Sharkview and many others that are making the most of their opportunities here.

Meet Tricia

The change from school to work is a difficult one for many people, but Tricia Martin has come up with a way to bridge the chasm: Virtual Intern. Virtual Intern is an online platform that teaches users the skills they didn't pick up at school. Whether you want to get started in hospitality, retail or something else, there are short courses to help you upskill and be ready for your first day of work.

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