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The Famil weekend is the perfect opportunity to create your pitch video for your New Move Relocation Grant application.

We’ve provided 10,000 reasons why you should move to Newcastle. Now its time for you to tell us the reasons we should select you to be part of our inaugural new move cohort and first recipients of our $10,000 relocation grant.

What are we looking for?

We’re looking for passionate, community minded entrepreneurship that can bring diversity and networks to our city that can help grow local economic opportunities. In your pitch video we’ll be looking out for the following qualities:


Applicant demonstrates interest or experience in helping the wider community through volunteering time, supporting local initiatives, engaging with their neighbourhood and/or advocating for local causes.


The applicant displays a strong passion that they express through an interest, talent or skill in a cause, activity, venture, discipline or industry; and demonstrates a desire to share this skill with the wider community through advocacy and/or action.


Applicant shows that they are creative, innovative and/or ambitious. They demonstrate a desire to create change, take action and/or scale an idea.


The applicant demonstrates that they will bring identity, experiential, cognitive and/or cultural diversity to our city.


Applicant can demonstrate strong national and international connections that can be leveraged to grow economic opportunities for Newcastle.

What should I include in my pitch video?

Tell us the reasons City of Newcastle should select you for a New Move Relocation Grant. You can communicate this through your pitch video however you like making sure it’s in a video format. For example, your video could be a pitch straight to camera, showing footage of your trip to Newcastle, a slideshow, documentary or animation. Don’t be afraid to be creative!

Make sure you include something from the Famil or footage from another visit to Newcastle in your video.

How should I make my pitch video?

The video can be produced on a mobile or any other device of your choosing. If you’re feeling creative there are a number of video editing platforms with free trials such as Clip Champ and Biteable.

Can’t make the Famil to film content?

You can visit Newcastle another time before submissions close and collect footage. If visiting Newcastle is not possible you can attend a virtual Famil.

Interested in moving to Newcastle?