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Why Choose Newcastle

As the world around us changes, so too do our needs, which is why City of Newcastle is embarking on a major promotion of education, training and opportunities.

With technology evolving so quickly, employees need workers with specific skills. Through the Skilled People program, Novocastrians will be able to learn new things and develop existing skillsets, businesses will be able to grow more quickly and people moving to the city will have more opportunities.

Newcastle is home to world-class facilities in terms of education, healthcare, aviation and startups, so there's no shortage of workplaces for skilled people in this city.

Meet Bec

Distance was no obstacle for new mum Bec Stern when she and her sister started Mustard from opposite sides of the world. Bec is the creative side of the business which makes storage solutions with vintage and vibrant designs. Today, Mustard sells its wares in six countries, meaning the siblings get to see each other more frequently on their international business trips.

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