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#715 City of Collaboration

Smart collaboration brings people together to share ideas through events, symposiums and forums – where information and ideas are shared and collaboration is embraced.

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#831 City of Innovation

Smart Innovation refers to the support we're providing to encourage emerging industries, start-ups and scale up businesses to see Newcastle as the ideal base for collaborative problem solving.

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#114 City of Sustainability

Smart Sustainability projects will help the community manage our precious resources more efficiently, using applied technology and innovation to create a cleaner and more sustainable future.

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#390 City of Connectivity

Smart Connectivity connects the community together through networks and information, to enable the flow of data in real time to share information and stories digitally.

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#821 City of Mobility

Smart mobility initiatives enable us to test and trial innovative transport options that will assist in planning for future transport needs. Initiatives also enhance the delivery of cycleways and walkable city infrastructure.

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#605 Renewable Energy Hub

Located in Newcastle, the CSIRO Energy Centre and National Solar Energy Centre is the headquarters for CSIRO Energy and is a focal point in Australia for energy research.

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