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New Move is an economic development program designed to attract talent to Newcastle and inject stimulus into the local economy. These two objectives are achieved through a relocation grant designed to incentivise talent to move to our city.

The program aims to generate economic opportunities that may lead to increases in local employment through the injection of skills and innovation by New Move grant recipients.

The City of Newcastle has commissioned the University of Newcastle to undertake an evaluation of the New Move program, to examine how the program initially attracted people to Newcastle and will assess its longer contribution to the economy, the workforce and community cohesion in order to make policy and practice recommendations to support migration to Newcastle.

The University of Newcastle’s research team may ask you to participate in this evaluation at Famil events this Friday 7th May - Sunday 9th May 2021 and in surveys or in focus groups. We encourage you to engage with the University’s research team at these events.

Any responses you provide will be de-identified and published in a format that does not identify participants in any way.

If you do not wish to participate, please notify the University’s research team on the day.

Image consent:

You may be photographed or videoed while attending this event: please approach the organiser if you have questions, concerns, or do not wish for this to happen.

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